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NewIncept was established in Pune. We believe that Always in your service..!

Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family - Kofi Annan

Therefore, our mission at The NewIncept is to make every citizen of India fully aware of

  1. Schemes, Programmes of Government of India(GoI) and the State Governments.
  2. Various schemes by various ministries and departments.
  3. Council of Ministers of India and all States Government of India
  4. Chief Ministers, Governonrs, members of parliament List
  5. HelpLine Number in India

Vishal Hule founder of www.newincept.com

Vishal Hule started this initiative. Vishal Hule is the founder of www.newincept.com. He is from Pune. He is Software Engineer by profession and political enthusiast too.

Newincept.com ranks 14,103 (source Alexa.com Ranking) in India and generates around 4,20,000 - 4,30,000 Page views for Monthly and receives around 2,40,000 - 2,50,000 visitors Monthly (source - Google analytics).

We are putting up a single unique point access to all the inforrmation to bring well livelihood of all Indian Citizens over India by providing the Government of India related benefits and information.

We welcome your suggestions, comments and ideas, please contact us at :

  1. vishal_hule@newincept.com
  2. info@newincept.com