Andhra pradesh Government Bangaru Talli scheme for girls scholarship and cash amount


This scheme is state sponsored scheme by the Government of Andhra Pradesh.This scheme is for the Girl Child who born after 1st May, 2013 till she becomes 21 years old. It provides incentives for the girls to achieve certain milestones.


The prime goal of this scheme is to provide incentives for achieving certain milestones for Girl Child.

Also It aims to achieve the following goals:

  • To enhance the social status of the girl child.
  • Delaying the age of marriage.
  • To ensure registration of birth and immunization.
  • To ensure the enrollment for better nutrition and improving the educational standards among girl students.


To avail the benefits under this scheme, the following criteria should be fulfilled:

  1. All girl children who born on or after 1st May, 2013 and economically backward households limited to the first two children in the household.
  2. Cash will be transfered on fulfilling the conditions of institutional deliveries, birth registration, complete immunization, enrollment in anganwadis and studying up to graduation.


Girl Child


The benefits of the scheme are as follows: (in Rs.)

S. No Age Trigger Out Flow (in Rs.)
1. At Birth Birth Registration 2,500/ Year
2. 1st& 2nd Birth Day Immunization 1,000/ Year
3. 3rd to 5th Birth Day Anganwadi 1,500/ Year
4. 6th to 10th Birth Day 1st to 5th Class 2,000/ Year
5. 11th to 13th Birth Day 6th to 8th Class 2,500/ Year
6. 14th to 15th Birth Day 9th& 10th Class 3,000/ Year
7. 16th& 17th Birth Day 11th& 12th Class 3,500/ Year
8. 18th to 21st Birth Day Graduation 1 to 4th Year 4,000/ Year
Total Rs. 55,500

It provides an additional payment of Rs. 50,000/- when the girl child is 18 years old (i.e. 12th Standard pass) or Rs.1 lakh is given to the girl child who has completed her graduation.

How To Apply

Visit to Bangaru Talli Website of Government of Andhra Pradesh and Apply Online. Or

Call to Toll Free Numbers : 155321 or 1800 200 4455 Or

At village level, Contact to village council or a province in the federal system.

At urban areas, the city of federal or federal park

To avail the benefits of the schemes Contact to Department of Women, Children, Disabled and Senior Citizens

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Department of Women Development Child Welfare, Andhra Pradesh

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