Bangaru Thalli for girls subsidy and incentive, Andhra Pradesh


Bangaru Thalli is a welfare scheme for girls launched by Government of Andhra Pradesh. The scheme supports the family of a girl from her birth till her graduation. All the Below Poverty Line white card holders can avail the benefits under this scheme. The prime goal of this scheme is to enhance social status of the girl child.


The objectives of this scheme is summarized as below:

  • To enhance social status of the girl child.
  • To show unflinching support to the girl child
  • Incentivise all-round growth of the girl children
  • Improve the social status of the Girls/women
  • To reset the feeling that girl child is a burden
  • Help fight the social evils faced by women
  • Prevent Gender discrimination by empowering & protecting the right of the Girl children & Restore demographic balance.
  • Achieve Millennium Development Goals
  • Channelize capabilities of women for nation building
  • Assure continuity of the scheme
  • Define responsibilities of all functionaries


All girl children born in economically backward households Born on or after 1 May 2013 Possessing White ration card



The benefits of this scheme are as follows:

The state government will give Rs 1,000 every month to every pregnant woman the moment she conceives till she delivers a baby. If she gives birth to - a baby girl born Rs 2,500

  1. Rs 1,500 every year through Anganwadis till the girl turns 5 years.
  2. At the time of admission to school, Rs 1,000
  3. Rs 2,000 will be given every year for her studies from the first to the fifth standard
  4. Rs 2,500 from sixth to eighth standard
  5. Rs 3,000 for ninth and tenth standard
  6. Rs 3,500 each year for Intermediate
  7. Rs 3,000 a year during her graduation.

In addition to any subsidy and incentive already provided.

After 21 years:

  1. If Intermediate completed & studies discontinued a pay out of Rs.50,000
  2. If Degree completed, a payout of Rs.1 lakh

How To Apply

Contact to any of the followings to avail the benefits under this scheme:

  1. State Council under the Chairmanship of Chief Minister.
  2. Ministers and Secretaries of all relevant Departments.
  3. Women & Child Welfare Department is the Nodal Authority
  4. State level implementing Authorities: Contact to Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty – Rural areas (SERP) &
  5. Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas (MEPMA)– Urban areas
  • For more information, call to RD Call Centre Toll Free Numbers :155321 or 1800 200 4455

Sponsored By

Central Government of India


Women & Child Welfare Department, Andhra Pradesh

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