Girl Child Protection Scheme financial assistance Andhra Pradesh

Last Updated on 17 July 2016


The objective of this scheme are summarised as below:

  • Aim to prevent gender discrimination by empowering and protecting rights of the girl child through direct investment from the government.
  • Enhance the status of the girl child and promote adoption of small family norm by ensuring holistic development of the girl child for a bright future entailing improved sex ratio besides preventing female infanticide.
  • To reduce the school dropout rate among girls.
  • To encourage girls to get married after the age of 18 (which is the statutory limit).
  • To encourage parents with two girl children to adopt the family planning norm.
  • To provide social and financial empowerment to the girl child.


The following criteria should be fulfilled to avail the benefits under this scheme:

  1. The beneficiary girl child should be less than 3 years of age at the time of enrollment into the scheme.
  2. The annual income of the family should not exceed Rs 11,000/- per annum.
  3. The parents of the beneficiary should not possess more than 2 acres of wet land or 5 acres of dry land and to that effect a Certificate from the Mandal Revenue Officer should be produced.
  4. The initial deposit depends on the age of the girl child at the time of the enrollment in the scheme.
  5. The amount deposited would be as follows:
    1. At 0 – 1 years Rs 3,550.00
    2. At 1 – 2 years Rs 3,975.00
    3. At 2 – 3 years Rs 4,550.00

This amount would be deposited in a Nationalized Bank and interest on the above deposits is given to the beneficiary at various stages, to enable her to continue her studies. The final payment helps her to settle in life.



  1. Girl children belonging to families of the weaker section.
  2. Reservation for girl children belonging to Scheduled Castes (SCs), Scheduled Tribes (STs), Backward Castes (BCs), Minorities and Physically Handicapped (15% for SCs, 6% for STs, 25% for BCs, 10% for minorities and 3% for Physically Handicapped girl children). The prescribed reservation for the above categories should be observed at the divisional level at the time of sanction.
  3. If there is still scope for including other categories/sections once the reserved seats have been filled up, applications are received from orphans, children of Basavis, Jogins, Devadasis, Mathammasand victims of atrocities, natural calamities and widows for sanction.
  4. Only after exhausting the application received from orphans, children of Basavis, Jogins, Devadasis, Mathammasand victims of atrocities, natural calamities and widows shall be considered for sanction. (delete)


A girl child gets the following financial benefits/incentives -

  1. Rs 500/- on her birthday, after one year of enrollment into the Scheme.
  2. Rs 500/- on her enrollment into the school.
  3. Rs 500/- on passing 5th grade to continue studying further and not to drop out from school.
  4. Rs 1,000/- per annum from 8th class onwards for 3 years. This will encourage her to
  5. pursue studies at high school.
  6. Rs 1,000/- per annum for 5 years after passing 10th grade to help the girl child to continue her college studies.
  7. Receive a lump sum amount of Rs 20,000/- after completion of 20 years for settling in life. To get this incentive, the girl child should remain unmarried up to 18 years.

How To Apply

Contact to Department of Women and Child Development or Life Insurance Corporation

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Department of Women Development Child Welfare, Andhra Pradesh

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