Scheme of Development of Primitive Tribal Groups to uplift socio-economic development


As tribal communities are having low level of literacy, declining or stagnant population, and pre-agricultural level of technology and economically backward. That's why this scheme aims to protect and develop them.Their problems and needs are quite different from other Scheduled Tribes. In order to solve these issues, this scheme has been initiated.

The Primitive Tribal Groups constitute the most vulnerable section among tribals and inhabit isolated, remote and difficult areas in small and scattered hamlets/habitats, This scheme aims at planning their socio-economic development in a holistic manner by adopting habitat development approach and intervening in all spheres of their social and economic life,in oder to improve the quality of life of Primitive Tribal Groups. and a visible impact is made. The scheme will cover only the 75 identified Primitive Tribal Groups. The scheme is extremely flexible because it enables every State to focus on areas that they consider is relevant to their PTGs and their socio-cultural environment. Activities under it may include housing, land distribution, land development, agricultural development,cattle development,construction of link roads, installation of non-conventional sources of energy for lighting purpose, social security including Janshree Beema Yojana or any other innovative activity meant for the socio-economic development approach for the comprehensive socio-economic development of Primitive Tribal Groups, more particularly for the Primitive Tribal Groups who are nomadic in nature. Whether efforts should be made to bring nomadic Primitive Tribal Groups to the settled mode of life, will be carefully addressed. The funds under this scheme would be made available only for those items/activities which are very crucial for the survival, protection and development of Primitive Tribal Groups and are not specifically catered to by any other scheme of State or Central Government or by guidelines governing the utilization of funds under Special Central Assistance to Tribal Sub-Plan and Article 275(1) of the Constitution. The general principle of convergence of funds and functionaries will apply.


To improve the quality of life of Primitive Tribal Groups

For protection and development of tribal communities


All Primitive Tribal Groups in the state


Tribal communities


The scheme aims at planning their socio-economic development in a holistic manner by adopting habita

How To Apply

Contact to any of the following:

  1. Various agencies of the State Government Or
  2. Union Territories Administration like Integrated Tribal Development Projects Or
  3. Integrated Tribal Development Agencies,Tribal Research Institutes, and also Non Governmental Organizations.


Department of Women Development Child Welfare, Andhra Pradesh

Sponsored By

Central Government of India

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