Employees' State Insurance Corporation Pensioners Medical Scheme medical facilities/allowance


The Scheme is optional and contributory in nature. Pensioners opting for the scheme shall be required to apply within 3 months from the date of retirement, if they want to avail of the scheme. Those who have retired before introduction of this scheme but are not life time members of any earlier medical schemes will be given one-time option to apply for the membership of this scheme within 3 months from the date of its mplementation i.e., 1/4/2006. Pensioners who are already life time members of an earlier medical scheme for Employees State Insurance Corporation Pensioners shall automatically become member of Employees State Insurance Corporation Pensioners Medical Scheme unless they opt otherwise. The option once exercised by a pensioner shall be final and cannot be revoked.Pensioners not opting for the scheme shall continue to be eligible for payment of fixed medical allowance at Rs. 100/- per month.



All the pensioners and family pensioners




All pensioners who opt to avail medical facilities under this scheme

Sponsored By

Central Government of India


Labour,Employment Training and Factories

How To Apply

Contact to a designated Nodal Officer for each State/Union Territories who will be empowered for reference to other approved hospital in case the facility is not available in Employees State Insurance hospitals.

Date of Launch


Valid Upto





Women and Child

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