Women Welfare Programme for Self Help Group (SHGs) and Mahila Mandals, Arunachal Pradesh

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Arunachal Pradesh


Under the Scheme Directorate endeavors to create awareness amongst the women beneficiaries about various programmes of the State Government and Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of Women & Child Development aiming at the Welfare of the Women. The Women Groups are sent to different parts of the Country to inculcate awareness amongst them about implementation of various women welfare and empowerment Scheme so that they are fully conversant with activities carried out by the Self Help Group (SHGs) and Mahila Mandals to maintain their Cultural Heritage and Economic Upliftment, National Integration, etc. They are taken to historical, cultural and economically developed places in the country for their awareness so that thereafter the women would implement the programmes of socio-economic development at their respective places effectively and efficiently.During the last financial year provision of Rs. 1.50 lakh was made in AOP.






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Department of social Welfare, Women and Child Development,Arunachal Pradesh

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