Current Ministers of Assam Government and their Portfolios

Last updated on 1 July 2017

Bhartiya janta party led Alliances won the Assam Assembly election of 2016 and formed the Government in Assam under the leadership of Sarbananda Sonowal on 24th May 2016. BJP leader Sarbananda Sonowal took charge as the new chief minister of Assam on 24th May 2016 along with other 10 ministers

The Government of Assam i.e. Assam State Cabinet is now consists of total 11 Cabinet Ministers including Sarbananda Sonowal. The Cabinet of the state of Assam forms the executive branch of the Government of Assam. Out of 11 Ministers two are from AGP party (Assam Gana Parishad) and one from BPF(Bodoland People's Front) remaining 8 are from Bhartiya janta party.

The following is a list of ministers of Assam Government. The list contains ministers and their Portfolios, political party, constituency.

Current Cabinet Ministers of Assam Government and their Portfolios 2016

Cabinet Minister is the main in-charge of a ministry. A cabinet minister may also hold additional charges of other Ministries if no other cabinet ministers are appointed to take charge of that ministries. All Cabinet members are mandated by the constitution to be members of the Vidhan Sabha of Assam. cabinet ministers of Assam and their Portfolios are listed below.

Current Cabinet Ministers of Assam Government and their Portfolios 2016
No Minister Name Ministries / Portfolios Political Party Constituency
1 Sarbananda Sonowal
  1. Chief Minister of Assam
  2. Home
  3. Political
  4. Personnel
  5. GAD
  6. SAD
  7. Administrative Reform and Training
  8. Election
  9. I and PR
  10. Border Area Development
  11. Revenue and DM
  12. Social Welfare
  13. Judicial Legislative Law
  14. Welfare and Minorities Development
  15. Hill Areas Development
  16. Printing and Stationary
  17. Power
  18. Implementation of Assam Accord
  19. Any other department not allotted to the other Minister
BJP Majuli
2 Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma
  1. Finance
  2. Planning and Development
  3. Health and Family Welfare
  4. Education (Higher, Secondary and Elementary)
  5. Tourism
  6. Handloom and Textile (only Khadi and Village Industry)
  7. GDD
  8. Cooperation
  9. Pension and Public Grievances
BJP Jalukbari
3 Atul Bora
  • Aagriculture
  • Horticulture and food processing
  • Animal husbandry and veterinary
  • urban development department
  • Town and country planning departments
AGP Dispur
4 Keshab Mahanta
  1. Water Resources Department
  2. Science and Technology
  3. Information Technology
AGP Kaliabor
5 Smt Pramila Rani Brahma
  1. Environment and Forests
  2. Soil Conservation
  3. Welfare of Plain Tribes and Backward Class
  4. Mines and Minerals
BPF Kokrajhar East
6 Parimal Suklabaidya
  • PWD
  • Fishery and Excise
BJP Dholai
7 Chandra Mohan Patowary
  • Commerce and industry
  • Transport and parliamentary affairs
BJP Dharmapur
8 Rihon Daimary
  • Public health engineering
  • Food and civil supply and consumer affairs
BPF Udalguri
9 Ranjit Dutta
  • Irrigation and handloom
  • Textiles
BJP Behali
10 Pallab Lochan Das
  • Ministers of State (Independent Charge)
  • Labour and employment
  • Tea tribes welfare
BJP Rangapara
11 Naba Kumar Doley
  • Minister of state (independent charge)
  • Panchayati raj and rural development
  • Youth welfare
  • Cultural affairs
BJP Dhakuakhana

Council of Ministers of Assam in Tarun Gogoi's Government from May 2011 to April 2016

The following is a list of the ministers in Tarun Gogoi's Government. The list contains ministers and their Portfolios, political party, constituency.

Ministers of Assam in in Tarun Gogoi's Government from May 2011 to April 2016.
No Minister Name Ministries / Portfolios Political Party Constituency
1 Tarun Gogoi
  • Chief Minister of Assam
  • Home
  • Political
  • Finance
  • Personnel
  • Election
  • Passport
  • Information Technology
  • Science & Technology
  • any other department which is not alloted
2 Dr. Bhumidhar Barman
  • Revenue
  • Disaster Management
  • Administrative Reforms & Training
  • Implementation of Assam Accord
3 Sarat Borkotoky
  • Education
  • Pension & Public Grievances
4 Smt. Ajanta Neog
  • Public Works (Roads, Buildings, National Highway)
  • Planning Development
  • Judicial Legislative
  • Law
5 Dr. Nazrul Islam
  • Food
  • Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs
  • Health & Family Welfare
6 Rockybul Hussain
  • Panchayat & Rural Development
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture & Food Processing
  • Parliamentary Affairs
7 Chandan Kumar Sarkar
  • Irrigation
  • Soil Conservation
8 Khor singh Engti
  • Animal Husbandary & Veterinary
  • Cooperation
  • Hill Areas
9 Sukur Ali Ahmed
  • Public Health Engineering
  • Welfare of Minorities & Development
10 Ajit Singh
  • Transport
  • Excise
  • Sports & Youth Welfare
11 Basanta Das
  • Fisheries
  • Water Resources
  • Scheduled Castes Welfare
12 Atuwa Munda
  • Environment & Forest
  • Tea Tribes Welfare
13 Gautam Roy
  • Social Welfare
14 Siddeque Ahmed
  • Industries & Commerce

Minister of state of Assam(MoS) in in Tarun Gogoi's Government.

Minister of State (Mos) handles or takes charge of specific responsibility in that ministry. For example, a minister of state in the Education Ministry may only handle Primary Education. There are two types of the state minister in Assam government, Minister of state with independent charge and Minister of state. "Minister of state" of Assam and their ministry are listed below.

Minister of state (MOS) of Assam
No Minister Name Ministries / Portfolios Constituency Political Party
1 Sumitra Doley Patir
  • Tribal Welfare
  • Housing
  • Tourism
2 Girindra Mallik
  • Mines & minerals
  • Jail
  • Border Areas
3 Bismita Gogoi
  • Cultural Affairs
  • Handloom
  • Textiles & Sericulture
  • Backward Classes Welfare

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