Mukhya Mantri Sanwasin Vivah Anudaan Yojana for orphan girls financial assistance


The Scheme supports to those orphan girls living in State run homes, who have attained the marriageable age and whose parents and caste are not known.


To assist orphan girls living in State run homes.


Orphan girls living in state homes at marriageable age.



It provides economic assistance of Rs. 20,000 to the orphan girls residing in the State run homes at the time of their marriage. The amount of financial assistance is paid to the girl in the form of a cheque by the superintendent of the home in which she lives.

How To Apply

Contact to any of the followings :

  1. Contact to to Superintendent, Protection Homes or the Balika Grih along with supporting documents such as age certificate, marriage registration certificate, certificate for not receiving dowry, and residence proof of staying in the Protection Home/ Balika Grih.

Sponsored By



Department of Social Welfare,Bihar

Date of Launch

Valid Upto



Women and Child

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