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This scheme aims to reach out to women who are victims of violence and exploitation. The Government plans to establish such helplines in all the 38 districts of the State to provide psychological counselling to women in distress. Presently, women helplines are functional in 29 districts of the State, while nine are in the process of being set up. These helplines assist in educating women about their rights and provide support in situations of gender violence. The programme specifically helps women who are victims of child marriage, dowry abuse, and domestic violence, among others. The women helplines are run by Non-Governmental Organizations(NGOs) at the District headquarters. Currently, the helpline in each District has a distinct number. The State Government is planning to allocate a common number that can be accessed by all Districts where the helplines are operating.


To reach out to women who are victims of violence and exploitation.


All women


All women who needs help


How To Apply

Contact to State Project Officer, Women Development Corporation, 2 nd Floor, Indira Bhawan, Ramcharitra Singh Path, Bailey Road, Patna-1 Mobile: 9304167600

Sponsored By

Central Government of India


Department of Social Welfare,Bihar

Date of Launch

Valid Upto

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