Scheme Comprehensive Handlooms Development (CHD) handlooms and weavers


Ministry Of Textiles


The scheme has been formulated by merging all the major components of other schemes namely Integrated Handlooms Development Scheme (IHDS), Marketing and Export Promotion Scheme (MEPS) and Diversified Handloom Development Scheme (DHDS), which is one of the components of National Handloom Development Programme (NHDP) for implementation. The scheme will follow a need-based approach for the integrated and holistic development of handlooms and the welfare of handloom weavers.

Sponsored By

Central Government of India


Provides need based assistance for integrated and holistic development of handlooms and weavers


Agencies eligible to implement consolidation of existing clusters and new clusters are as follows:

  1. State Directorate of Handlooms & Textiles/Industries (where handlooms are under their control)
  2. National Level Handloom Organisations
  3. State Handloom Development Corporations
  4. StateApex Handloom Weavers Co-operative Societies
  5. Central Government Organisations
  6. Non Government Organisations, engaged in handlooms {(recommended by the State Government and approved by the DC (Handlooms)}
  7. Any other organisation, engaged in handlooms (recommended by the State Government and approved by the DC (Handlooms)}



Financial assistance per cluster based on the number of handlooms (300-500 and 5,000 and above) for various components covered under the scheme.

The scheme will support weavers, both within and outside the cooperative fold including self-help groups, NGOs, etc., towards the raw material, design inputs, technology up gradation, marketing support through exhibitions, create permanent infrastructure in the form of Urban Haats, marketing complexes, setting up of Weavers Service Centres (WSCs) and Indian Institutes of Handlooms Technology (IIHTs), development of web portal for e-marketing of handloom products, etc.

For consolidation of these clusters, financial assistance will be provided for implementing various interventions. Financial assistance towards hard interventions like technological up gradation will be shared in percentage ratios by State and Central Governments

Development of each cluster will be done by the ImplementingAgency through the State Government concerned as a Centrally sponsored scheme in a project mode. The state government will invite proposals/ projects from the Implementing Agencies. The project report will comprise baseline survey, diagnostic study report and a concrete action plan for the first year and tentative action plan for the second, third and fourth years. The project report will be considered by a State Level Project Committee (SLPC), headed by the State Commissioner/Director of Handlooms concerned for scrutiny, verification, etc.

How To Apply

A Udyami Helpline: Dial 1800-180-6763 [Toll Free Number] for queries relating to this Schemes.

Contact to the Ministry.





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