Cyber Gram Yojana for Empowering minority communities IT Training, free internet

Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India


The Scheme of Cyber Gram Yojana is for the students who are studying in Class VI to Class X standard who are belonging to Minority Community And those who have the permanent home in areas under Multi-sectoral Development Programme. The main objective of this yojana is to make students digitally literate and to empower the adoption of ICTs by the people of minority communities in the sector like economic, Education, Rural Development and Financial Services to promote competitiveness, equality and quality.

It aims to provide IT Training and computer fundamental training to the students belonging to minority community. This would help in changing the life of minority people and aiding them to earn income and also employment.


The prime objective of this Cyber Gram Yojana is to conduct the computer training for the students of Minority Community and to enable them to acquire fundamental ICT skills that would empower them.

  • To literate the minority students digitally
  • To make them have active participation in knowledge-based activities, training and etc.
  • To provide financial, social and government services
  • To collabarate, communicate and share information through Internet
  • To strengthen the learning of trained beneficiaries i.e students who have become expertise in computer training by providing free Internet access for 30 hours.
  • Aims to provide IT Training and computer fundamental training to the students belonging to minority community.


The Cybergram initiative computer training is given to the following students:

  1. Students studying in Recognised Madarsas/ Schools having no facility of computer education.
  2. Students of Classes 6th standard to 10th standard from such institutions or schools.
  3. All students belonging to Minority Community.


Minority Community students.


Free Computer training education.

How To Apply

To avail benefits of the scheme you may contact to :

  1. Contact to he local Minority Welfare Department/Government School Or
  2. At District Level Contact to Committee (DLC) under MsDP Or
  3. At the village level Contact to Village Level Entrepreneur (VLE) Or
  4. Approach to Service Center Agencies (SCA) and State Department of Minority Affairs at the state level Or
  5. Contact to CSC e-Governance Services India Limited (CSC SPV) and the Ministry of Minority Affairs at the national level.

Sponsored By

Central Government of India


Ministry of Minority Affairs

Date of Launch

February, 2014.

Valid Upto




Education, IT Training

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