Enabling Manufacturing Sector to be Competitive through Quality Management Standards and Quality Technology Tools


Ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises


The scheme endeavours to sensitise and encourage MSEs to understand and adopt latest Quality Management Standards (QMS) and Quality Technology Tools (QTT).

Sponsored By

Central Government of India


To encourage MSEs, to adopt latest QMS and QTT


Expert organisations like Quality Council of India (QCI), National Recruitment Board for Personnel and Training, Consultancy Development Corporation, National Productivity Council, Standardisation Testing & Quality Certification (STQC, a Society under the Ministry of IT), IIQM (Indian Institute of Quality Management), Industry Associations that have taken active interest in QMS/QTT, technical institutions, engineering colleges, tool rooms and similar bodies, and MSEs.



  1. Funding support for introduction of appropriate course modules in technical institutions
  2. Funding support for conducting ‘QMS awareness’ workshops (applicant – expert organisation or industry associations)
  3. Funding support for conducting competition watch (C-watch), study and analysis
  4. Funding support for introduction of QMS and QTT in selected MSMEs (applicant – expert organisation or industry association)
  5. Participation in international study mission (MSEs as selected by Monitoring andAdvisory Committee)
  6. A total contribution of Rs.425 lakh per year to be made by the GoI for introduction of course material, training the trainer, awareness workshop and other activities
  7. Funding support of Rs.1.25 lakh per programme to be provided for conducting awareness programme.
  8. Under C-watch
  1. GoI contribution of Rs.2.5 lakh for professional study on threatened products.
  2. GoI contribution of Rs.7.5 lakh for technical exposure visit
  3. GoI contribution of Rs.2.5 lakh for procurement of samples
  4. GoI contribution of Rs.5 lakh for product development
  5. GoI contribution of Rs.1.5 lakh for popularisation of improved products
  6. GoI contribution of Rs.2.5 lakh/unit for covering the costs of diagnostic study and for implementation of Quality Technology Tools/Quality Management Standards (25 to 50% cost will be paid by the participating units)
  7. GoI contribution of Rs.2.5 lakh per SME for international visit (25% and 50% cost to be collected by the micro and small enterprise respectively)

How To Apply

A Udyami Helpline: Dial 1800-180-6763 [Toll Free Number] for queries relating to this Schemes.

Contact to :

  1. MSEs or clusters may contact Office of the DC (MSME).
  2. The DC office will finalise the MSME clusters for conducting the Awareness Programme on Quality Management Standards and Quality Technology Tools (QMS/QTT).




Micro, small and Medium enterprises

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