Fellowship to Outstanding Persons in the Field of Culture


Ministry Of Culture


Senior/Junior Fellowships in the Field of Performing, Literary and PlasticArts:

  1. Performing Arts (Music/Dance/Theatre/Folk/Traditional & Indigenous Arts including Puppetry)
  2. LiteraryArts (Travelogue/History & Theory of Literature)
  3. Plastic Arts (Graphics/Sculpture/Painting including Folk Paintings and Research Work on Traditional Paintings/Creative Photography)

Senior/Junior Fellowships in New Areas related to Culture - projects are sought in the following fields:

  1. Indology
  2. Epigraphy
  3. Sociology of Culture
  4. Cultural Economics
  5. Structural and EngineeringAspects of Monuments
  6. Numismatics
  7. Scientific and Technical aspects of Conservation
  8. ManagementAspects ofArt and Heritage
  9. Studies relating to application of Science and Technology in areas related to culture and creativity.

The objective is to encourage analytical application of new research techniques, technological and management principles to contemporary issues in areas related to art and culture. General and theoretical macro-studies will not be considered. The proposal should be innovative and application oriented and preferably interdisciplinary in nature.

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Central Government of India


To give fellowships in performing, literary and arts, and in new areas like indology, epigraphy and cultural economics


Applicant for Senior Fellowship should not be the recipient of pension from the Ministry of Culture under the scheme for grant of financial assistance to artists in indigent circumstances.

An applicant should not have availed of the same fellowship earlier. However, an applicant who had been awarded a Junior Fellowship can apply for a Senior Fellowship, provided 5 years have elapsed after the closure of the earlier project.

Graduation is the minimum educational qualification for applicants in the fields/areas listed in Para II (b) of the Scheme.



The scheme has been formulated to provide basic financial support for a very advanced training in individual creative efforts for revival of our traditional forms of art.Artistes above 40 years are provided support through senior fellowships up to Rs.6,000 per month, whereas the junior fellowships, are awarded at the rate of Rs.3,000 per month to artists in the age group of 25 to 40 years. The number of senior and junior fellowships per year are 150 and 300 respectively, and the duration of fellowship is two years.

How To Apply

A Udyami Helpline: Dial 1800-180-6763 [Toll Free Number] for queries relating to this Schemes.

Contact to :

Applications for the award of Fellowship will be invited every year, through advertisement, in a prescribed format.

The application should be accompanied by a detailed project proposal on the subject.

If applicants are employed in Central/State Government Departments/Institutions/ Undertaking/University, etc., they will have to take leave for a period of 2 years for period of Fellowship.

An Expert-Committee comprised of experts in different fields will be constituted which would in the first stage examine all applications and shortlist the most meritorious among them for eventual selection.

The shortlisted Junior Fellowship candidates will be called for an interview/talk who will then select the most meritorious candidates for the required number of Junior Fellowships. No such interview/talk would be necessary in the case of Senior Fellowships.





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