Free coaching and allied scheme for the candidates/students belonging to minority communities

Ministry of Minority Affairs, Government of India


The scheme is to give an opportunity to minority communities to use their skills and capabilities for the employment in sectors such as industries, services society. Also, this scheme assists to those institutions working for them. It will shape their livelihood in order to adapt itself to the market dynamics on a continuous basis so that they should not be suffered from the lack of basic professional decisions. It enhances free coaching in field of business sectors in addition to the government sector.

It has set up the built changing/emerging market needs and gives lots of opportunities for employment at domestic as well as international levels.


The prime objectives of this scheme are as below:

  • To give admission by qualifying examinations in technical/ professional courses such as engineering, law, medical, management, information technology etc. and language/aptitude examinations for seeking admission to foreign universities.
  • To recruit the minority community students by giving opportunities in competitive examinations to Group A, B and C services and other equivalent posts under the central Government of India and State governments including public sector undertakings, banks, insurance companies as well as autonomous bodies
  • To provide free coaching/training for jobs in the private sector such as in airlines, shipping, fisheries, information technology (IT), business process outsourcing (BPO) and other IT enabled services, hospitality, tours and travels, maritime, food processing, retail, sales and marketing, biotechnology and other job oriented courses as per the emerging trend of employment. The courses should be successfully completed within stipulated nine months


The following students who satisfy the following conditions are eligible for this scheme

  1. Candidates should have secured the absolute percentage of marks in the qualifying examination prescribed for admission to the desired courses/recruitment examinations.
  2. Candidates belonging to the Minority Communities can avail the benefits of this scheme. Also, the total family income of the candidates from all sources not more than Rs.3.00 lakh per annum will be eligible under the Scheme.
  3. A particular student can avail the benefits only once with respect to the chances he/she may be allowed to particular Competitive Examination. The coaching/training institution will be required to take an Affidavit from the student that he/she has not taken any benefit under this Scheme earlier.
  4. Students/Candidates covered under the scheme shall have to attend all classes/coaching/training. In the event of any student remaining absent for more than 15 days, without any valid reason or leaving the coaching/training midway, the entire expenditure incurred by the candidate will be recovered from the institute/student/candidate concerned.
  5. 30% of the seats are reserved for girl students/candidates for. If girl students/candidates are not available then it will be transferred to boy students meeting the standards for coaching/training set by the institute are not available.


Students belonging to Minority Communities


The benefits of the scheme are as following:

Sl.No Type of Coaching/ training/remedial coaching Coaching/ training/remedial coaching fee Amount of Stipend per month.
1. Group ‘A’ Services As fixed by the institute, subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs. 20000/- Rs.1500 /- for outstation candidates, Rs. 750/-for local Candidates
2. Group ‘B’ Services As fixed by the institute, subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs. 15,000/-. -Do-
3. Group ‘C’ Services As fixed by the institute, subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs. 10,000/-. -Do-
4. Entrance examination for technical/professional courses As fixed by the institute, subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs. 20000/- -Do-
5. Coaching/Training for jobs in Private Sectors As fixed by the institute, subject to a maximum ceiling of Rs. 20,000/-. -Do-
6. Remedial Coaching/Tuition for the students pursuing technical/professional courses As charged by the institute where the student is admitted to pursue technical/professional course, for the extra tuition classes. Not Applicable
7. Coaching for recruitment of constables and equivalent in police/security forces and railways. (For a the period is not exceeding five days) At nominal rates, as proposed by the institute and fixed by the committee Rs.100 /- per day for outstation candidates, Rs. 50/- per day for local candidates.

How To Apply

Contact to any of the following to avail the benefits of the scheme:

  1. Contact to Head of the school/Institution Or
  2. Approach to Coaching Institutes selected under this Scheme.

Sponsored By

Central Government of India


Ministry of Minority Affairs

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