Government of India Scheme for Gender Budgeting


Ministry Of Women And Child Development


One of the tools that can be used to promote women’s equality and empowerment is gender-responsive budgeting or gender budgeting. This scheme aims to initiate an integrated approach and guide the Gender Budgeting Cells (GBCs) set up by different Central Ministries/Departments by disseminating the concept, tools and the strategy of GB

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Central Government of India


  1. To coordinate and monitor gender budgeting exercises of GBCs and facilitate gender budgeting analysis
  2. To organise workshops to facilitate capacity building and training for various stakeholders including officials of Central and State Governments, PSUs, corporate sector, PRIs, NGOs, etc.
  3. To provide assistance to develop training modules/packages, training material and information booklets and manuals for gender budgeting for all stakeholders
  4. To conduct gender based impact analysis, beneficiary needs assessment and beneficiary incidence analysis
  5. To collate and promote best practices on gender budgeting.


Women and Child Welfare Department; State Government Women’s Development Corporations; State Commissions for Women; Women’s Development Centres; Rural (Panchayati Raj Institutions) & Urban Local Bodies; voluntary organisations with three years experience after registration; Universities & UGC approved institutions; public sector undertakings, etc.

The organisation must have adequate experience in implementing women and child related projects and programmes, etc. It should have facilities, resources and personnel to implement the project for which assistance is sought.



The grants for training will be given under two categories:

  1. One-time GB training - Grants under this category will ordinarily be given for training programme proposals for a period of three days at one time. In exceptional cases the period may be extended, with proper justification.
  2. Sustained GB training – Gender budgeting is a continuous process and needs to be sustained intervention. Funds will also be given to organisations/agencies/ institutions for conducting a series of workshops, targeting a particular area/group. In such cases too, funds for conducting one workshop will be given for a maximum period of three days. In exceptional cases, the period may be extended, with proper justification.

How To Apply

A Udyami Helpline: Dial 1800-180-6763 [Toll Free Number] for queries relating to this Schemes.

Contact to Ministry Of Women And Child Development




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