Scheme for welfare of children in need of care and protection for Organizations, destitute and orphans

Ministry Of Women and Child, Goa


This scheme assists the Voluntary Organizations who cater to the needs of destitute and orphans up to the age of 18 years. Under this scheme, This scheme helps the children with the help of involvement of Voluntary Organizations.



The eligibility criteria for Organizations that look after Destitute and orphaned children i.e is as follows:

  1. Children who do not have either of the parents or near relatives
  2. Children of single parent families deprived of adequate family care due to death, desertion prolonged illness, imprisonment of one of the parents and where the income of the family is less than Rs.500/- per month.



Financial assistance is given as below:

Grants are given to the registered Voluntary Organizations who are admitting destitute and orphaned children up to the age of 18 years. An amount of Rs.400/- per child per the month is given to the organization if they house the children in their own premises and Rs.500/- per child per month if housed in rented premises.

How To Apply

Contact to The Director, Directorate of Women and Child Development, Panaji.

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Women and Child Development Department, Goa

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Women and Child

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