Internship Scheme for Students of Counselling, Psychology, Social Work, Home Science, Goa


The prime goal of this scheme is to offer aspiring postgraduate students an opportunity of internship facility to be trained as qualified interns in the state-run private children’s and shelter homes who can be offered hands-on job training experience.


To offer aspiring postgraduate students an opportunity of internship facility


To avail the benefits, the following criteria should be fulfilled:

  1. Any student (fresher’s only) who have passed out from any of the recognized university with a Master’s Degree in Social Service /Social Work/Social service Sociology/Psychology/home Science.
  2. Student should be a fresher who has passed out as post graduate within six months prior to applying for the internship
  3. Student should secure at least 50 % marks in aggregate in the final year.




The financial assistance under this scheme is as follows:

  • The internship student shall be given Rs. 10,000/- lump Sum as internship allowance per month and for part of the month shall be paid on pro rata basis and there shall be no other compensation paid to the interns. The period of internship shall be for the maximum of a twelvemonth.
  • The interns shall be required to give a Bond for a value of one month allowance (Rs.10,000/-) for ensuring proper completion of the internship period without any break and in case the intern leaves in between then the intern shall give a notice of at least 30 days and shall be liable to pay the bond.
  • The value of Rs.10,000/- to the Government or else the equivalent amount if any due to the intern from the monthly allowance shall be forfeited.

How To Apply

Contact to any of the followings to avail the benefits under this scheme:

  1. Director, Women & Child Development as Chairperson, Panaji-Goa. Or
  2. Deputy Director, Administration, of DWCD, Member Or
  3. Chairperson CWC (North), Member Or
  4. Member of Juvenile Justice Board (North), Member

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Women and Child Development Department, Goa

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