Dikri Bachao Campaign (Save Girl Child) – Matru Vandana Yatra, Gujarat

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Gujarat


This scheme is popularly known as Beti Vadhaao Abhiyan. This scheme is for the mothers whose offspring are only one daughter or both daughters and no son And the financial assistance is given to such mothers/women.


The objectives of Dikri Bachao Campaign is as follows:

  • To promote birth of the girl child and encouraging people to welcome the birth of a female child
  • To ensure the rightful place of pride in society for a girl child, to assure her of her safety and security.
  • To improve the Male-Female sex ratio and to prevent the gender-biased sex selective elimination.
  • Address the declining sex ratio through scholarship programmes
  • To ensure survival & protection of the girl child.
  • To ensure education and participation of the girl child.


The following criteria should be fulfilled to avail the benefits under this scheme:

  1. The age of the women should be below 35 years on the date of vasectomy/tubectomy (family planning operation).
  2. When a family having only one daughter, the age of the daughter should be more than one year.
  3. Social Defence Certificate is given to families who adopt family planning after having one or two daughters or and have no son.


Girl, children


  • Financial assistance of Rs. 6000 aid is given to a family having only one daughter and no son.
  • Financial assistance of Rs. 5000 aid is given to a family having two daughters and no son.

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