Current Chief Minister of Gujarat

Last Updated on 8 August 2016

Bharatiya Janata Party leader Shri Vijay Rupani is the Current Chief Minister of Gujarat

He is the 16th Chief minister of Gujarat

Vijay Rupani name was announced on 5 August 2016, on 7 August 2016, He took charge as the new Chief Minister (CM) of Gujarat. He was elected from Rajkot West Constituency.

Portfolios or ministries

  1. Chief Minister of Gujarat
  2. General Administration
  3. Administrative reforms and training
  4. Industries
  5. Home
  6. Climate Changes
  7. Ports
  8. Information and Broadcasting
  9. Narmada
  10. Kalpasar
  11. Revenue
  12. Disaster Management
  13. Urban Development
  14. Science and Technology
  15. Transport
  16. Water Supply
  17. Labour and Employment
  18. All policies and subject matters not allotted to other Ministers

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