Saat Phera Samuh Yojna for SC Women financial assistance

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Gujarat


Women & Child Development Department, Gujarat has initiated this scheme of Joint marriages.For SC families having an annual income of 11,000, and for minimum five couple, this scheme is initiated. The couple gets 5000 in the form of Narmada Shreeneedhi certificate along with merit certificate. For organizing the marriage, a sum of 10,000 is given.


To reduce the expenditure on marriages by promoting group marriages.


All persons of Gujarat State belonging to scheduled castes.


Married couple at Samuh Lagna


The married couple will get Rs.5000/- in the form of Narmada Shreenidhi Certificate along with Merit Certificate. For organizing the Samuh Lagna, (group marriage), a sum of Rs.1000/- is given to them.

How To Apply

For more information, Cotact to : Women & Child Development Department

Block No. 9, 6th Floor,

New Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.

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Women & Child Development Department, Gujarat

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Women and Child

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