Saraswati Sadhna Yojna for SC Girls financial assistance to buy a bicycle

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Gujarat


For SC girls cycles are provided through this scheme. A sum of Rs. 1500 is given to buy a bicycle for girls below 8th grade. For students in elementary & high school food and lodging are provided free of cost.


To enable young girls from BPL and SC families to purchase bicycles for commuting to school


To avail the benefits under scheme, following conditions should be fulfilled:

Enrolled as a regular student in class 8 and belonging to SC category.

Hailing from Below Poverty Line families and having the following parental income:

Annual income should be Less than Rs 21,206 (for applicants from urban areas)

Annual income should be Less than Rs 15,976 per annum (for applicants from rural areas)

The girl should be commuting outside of her village to attend school because of absence of a high school in her own village.

Through the school

Eligible girl students have to contact the principal of their school, who in turn should contact the District Welfare Authority.

Proof of income has to be submitted.


Girl students from very poor Scheduled Caste (SC) families pursuing studies in class 8 and commuting outside of their village to attend school.


This scheme provides bicycles to Scheduled Castes students by the Gujarat Government. A sum of Rs.1500/- is provided to girls below 8th Grade to buy a bicycle. Apart from this, provisions are made for students in elementary and high school education to get food and lodging, free of cost.

How To Apply

For more information, Cotact to : Department of Social justice and Empowermen

Block No. 9, 6th Floor,

New Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar.

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Department of Social justice and Empowermen, Gujarat

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