Upgradation of Merit of Scheduled Castes students (C.S.S.) education, training, Gujarat

Ministry of Education, Gujarat


The students of Scheduled Castes (SC)studying in Std.9th to 12th are unable to take benefit of various schemes due to their educational shortcomings by virtue of reservation policy. Therefore, to improve quality of education of such students scheme provides educational facilities and training classes to motivate them for competitive examinations being conducted for admission to the higher academic courses.


To improve quality of education.

To provide educational facilities and training classes for Scheduled Castes students


Students of Government Ideal Residential Schools are selected.



  1. Coaching by subject-experts
  2. Annual Grant of Rs.15,000/- per student.
  3. Amount of Rs.8,000/- per student per year for following
  4. Accommodation and food bill of hostel at the rate of Rs.500/- per month for 10 months for a total of Rs.5,000/-
  5. Pocket money at the rate of Rs.100/- per month for 10 months, totaling to Rs.1000/- 6.Rs.2000/- for books and writing material
  6. Rs.7000/- per year per student towards Honorarium to the Principal, subject-experts and other contingency expenditure.Note : Since accommodation and food is provided without any cost in Ideal Residential Schools, amount of Rs.5,000/- towards food bill is not being paid.

How To Apply

Contact to Head of the Institution/School

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Department Of Social Justice & Empowerment

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