Haryana state meritorious incentive scheme for the students who attain merit position in annual university examinations

Ministry of Education, Haryana


This scheme gives scholarship to meritorious students.


The object of the Scheme is to encourage the Meritorious Students who have attained the Top position in CBSE annual exams by giving them a substantial amount as a motivating Incentive. This scheme aims to encourage excellence in academics and overall development of the students. Under this Scheme, two students (one boy & one girl student) will be given annual Incentive based on their Top position/performance in annual CBSE 10th and 12th annual exams every year.


The student should satisfy the following conditions :

  1. This Scheme will be specific for Top Meritorious Students (one boy & one girl student) who stood first in 10th &12th annual CBSE exams.
  2. The award will be given only to those students who shall pursue their studies as a regular student. The amount of Incentive shall be equal to their School/College fee paid by them annually until the completion of their degrees up to Graduation Level.
  3. This Incentive/Award shall be given only to those students who are Haryana Domicile.
  4. The award holder under this scheme will not be eligible for any other scholarship/stipend from the State Government or any other source.
  5. There is no income limit for these awards.
  6. The school Institution from where the examination has been passed should be situated in Haryana.
  7. Failed/Compartment students shall not be considered for this award in future.

Criteria/ Mode of Selection

  1. The Incentive is selected strictly on merit basis. In case, more than one student secure equal marks/percentage of marks, the award will be given to all such students.
  2. The regulation can be changed at any time at the discretion of the Government
  3. For 10th Class Toppers (one from boy & one from a girl) at State Level. In order to determine the Top position applications will be called for students through Head of the Institution who got 92% marks or more in English, Science and Technology, Mathematic, Social Sciences and best one of the remaining subjects after the declaration of results of CBSE annual exam every year.
  4. For 12th Class Toppers (one from boy & one from the girl) at State Level. In order to determine the Top position application will be called from students through Head of the Institution who got 90% marks and above in English and best four of the remaining subjects in Science (Medical & Non Medical) Commerce and humanities after the declaration of results of CBSE annual exam every year. The students studying in Vocational Courses shall not be eligible.



Topper of 10th Class

Amount of Incentive to the CBSE Toppers (one boy & one girl) of the 10th class of Haryana State will be given to a student if he/she take higher studies at 10+2 Level and up to Degree level. His/her entire fees shall be paid by the State Government until the completion of his/her graduation in any stream. But this amount shall not be more than 25,000/- in a year up to 10+2 Level per topper and not more than Rs. 1 lac per year per topper up degree/graduation level in any stream.

Topper of 10+2 Level

This incentive shall be available to those students (one boy & one girl) of Haryana who has got a Top position in the 10+2 annual exams conducted by CBSE if they pursue their higher studies in any stream. The amount of Incentive shall be equal to the fees paid by them to the institution annually but not exceeding Rs. 1 lac in a year per topper. This Incentive shall continue until the completion of their degree/Graduation in any stream.

How To Apply

Contact to Head of the Institution/College.

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Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)

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