Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship for High/ Sr. Sec. Schools EDUCATION ENCOURAGEMENT FOR EXCELLENCE(EEE)6th to 12th

Ministry of Education, Haryana


This scheme provides Scholarship for Higher/ Sr. Secondary Schools EDUCATION ENCOURAGEMENT FOR EXCELLENCE(EEE)6th to 12th


To provide insurance cover to all the school going children in the government schoolS in the state of Haryana studying in class 6th to class 12th


All Students


All Students


It provides insurance cover for sustaining any bodily injury to any school going student in the state. It also covers claims on account of loss of books in accident.

It has been decided to award scholarships/incentives to those students studying in class 6th to class 12th who got the first rank in the preceding class. One student each in boys category and girl category in each school in the 6th to 12th classes who stood first in the preceding class will be awarded. Under the scheme Rs. 750/- each to middle class / students and Rs. 1000 each to the students of High and Senior Secondary classes is given as incentive/scholarship to encourage brilliant students provided such students have got first division

Punjabi has been declared as Second Language in the State. Under this scheme, scholarships are given to students on the basis of merit in Punjabi subject in 8th class and 10th Class examinations conducted by Haryana Board of School Education, Bhiwani and continuing study Punjabi subject in the 9th Class and 11th Class. these scholarships are renewed in next classes on satisfactOry performance. There are total 30 Scholarships on the ' basis of 8th Class and Scholarship on the basis of 10th Class examination. The rate of scholarship. for L students of IX & X is Rs. 50/- per month. and for XI & XII is Rs. 75/- per month

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Directorate of School Education, Haryana

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