Scheme of Government of haryana for merit scholarship to under graduate girl students.

Ministry of Education, Haryana


This Scheme of Government of haryana is for merit scholarship to under graduate girl students. This Scholarship will be given to the girl students who after passing 10+2 class with at least 60% marks are studying in any Government College.



Students should satisfy the following conditions

  1. This Scholarship will be given to the girl students who after passing 10+2 class with at least 60% marks are studying in any Government College.
  2. The awards will be given only to the students pursuing general degree courses.
  3. Candidates who pursue their studies through correspondence course/open universities will not be eligible for the award.
  4. A Scholarship holder under this scheme will not hold any other Scholarship/Stipend. However, they may accept a grant of minority help from the State Government or any other source for the purchase of books, equipment or for meeting the expenses of boarding and lodging.
  5. There is no income limit for this scheme.

Duration and renewal of awards

  1. The awards will be given for three years. It will be renewed from year to year provided that the candidate secures at least 55% marks in the qualifying examination.
  2. If a Candidate is unable to appear in the annual examination owing to illness, the awards may be renewed for the next academic year on submission of a Medical Certificate to the satisfaction of the Head of theInstitution.

Mode of selection

  1. The award shall be made strictly on merit basis. In case, more than one student secure equal marks / percentage of the marks to be worked out up to three decimal places. The Candidate junior most in age shall get the first priority.
  2. The Scholarship will be awarded on the recommendation of the Head of the institution, forwarded with the complete documents on the prescribed Proforma. In respect of the eligible Candidate, the awarding authority prescribed it before due/prescribed date every year.
  3. The Scholarship shall be cancelled if the particulars furnished in the declaration/application form is found to be incomplete/incorrect.
  4. If the Scholar is found to be ineligible at any stage due to any reason, the Scholarship renewal will not be given.
  5. The Scholarship depends on the satisfactory progress and conduct of the Candidate.
  6. The Scholarship can be changed at any time at the discretion of the Government Of India
  7. The Principals will send the list of awarded students to the Directorate along with the receipt as a proof of amount paid.



The benefits under this scheme are summarised as below:

  1. No. of fresh Scholarships to be awarded are for ten girl students per College.
  2. The value of the Scholarship awarded will be Rs. 3000/- per student per annum.
  3. The Scholarships are tenable for pursuing general academic course in the Government Colleges only.

How To Apply

Contact to Head of the Institution.

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Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)

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