Scheme of providing books to scheduled castes(S.C.) students studying in government college, Haryana

Ministry of Education, Haryana


Under this scheme, the students belonging to S.C. category, who are studying in any Government College (Except B.Ed. Colleges) of Haryana, will be provided a complete set of textbooks during their study period in every class.


This scheme aims to help and motivate the SC students for Higher Studies.


Students should fulfill the following conditions:

  1. Student should belong to Scheduled Castes(S.C.) category of Haryana Domicile.
  2. Student should be a regular student of the institution.



The books are given to the students through concerned college library and the student must return his/her books to the college concerned immediately after completion of the course. In case he/she fails to return the books he/she will be required to pay 25% cost of each book.

How To Apply

The student will apply on a plain paper to the Principal of college in which He/She is studying

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Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD)

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