The National Savings Organisation Scheme for a Children Own a Bank with Full Interest Haryana

Ministry of Education, Haryana


The School Savings Bank Scheme is called `Sanchayika'. Sanchayika is a savings Bank scheme for school children run by children themselves. The bank manager, the counter clerks and the accountant of the Bank are all children. Such a Bank encourages students to start the practice of regular saving and instills in them a sense of money management. It teaches them the normal practices of banking and acquaints them with instruments of money (cheques etc.) It also helps them in acquiring qualities of leadership. Money in the Sanchayika accounts earns interest at 5% which is more than what many commercial banks pay. The interest is calculated on deposits from month to month. At the same time, the savings of millions of children can add up to tidy sum which can be used for national development.


Small savings schemes are designed to provide safe & attractive investment options to the public and at the same time to mobilize resources for development.





How To Apply

Contact to any of the following to avail the benefits under this scheme:

  1. Principal/Headmaster of school or
  2. The Regional Director, National Savings of your State or
  3. The District Savings Officer (C/o the District Collectorate)

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Directorate of School Education, Haryana

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