Beti Hai Anmol Yojna for girls of below poverty line(BPL) scholarship, grant

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Himachal Pradesh


This scheme is for girls of below poverty line(BPL) families up to two girl children. The Government of Himachal Pradesh deposits 10,000 per girl child in the post office/ Bank account. The scholarship of Rs. 300 to Rs.1200 is given to the girls from first to 12th Class for their books/dresses etc.


The objectives of this scheme are as follows:

  1. To change the negative attitude/outlook of the society towards the girl child.
  2. To help the girls to complete her education up to 10+2 level and prevent early marriage.
  3. The lump sum amount which she receives on completing 18 years will help her to take up a vocational training.


All girls born after 05-July-2010 and belonging to below poverty line BPL families are eligible for benefit under the scheme with a condition that only two girls from a family can enroll for the scheme.


Girls born to below poverty line families.


  1. One time grant of Rs. 10,000/- is provided on the birth of a girl child.
  2. Scholarship @ Rs. 300 to Rs. 1500/- from standard 1st to 10+2 level.

How To Apply

To avail the benefits, Contact to any of the following:

  1. Concerned Aanganwadi worker Or Supervisor Or
  2. Distt programme officer Or
  3. Child Development Project Officer in the Himachal Pradesh


Directorate of Women and Child Development, Himachal Pradesh

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