Scheme for Physically and Mentally disabled women for establishing income generation units, jammu and kashmir

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Jammu and Kashmir


A Scheme to uplift the income and living standard of Physically and Mentally Challenged Women


To uplift the income and living standard of Physically and Mentally Challenged Women


The following criteria should be fulfilled to avail the benefits under this scheme:

  1. Any women with 40% disability or more (Certificate should be provided by Chief Medical Officer or medical Board) are eligible under this scheme.
  2. Age should be 18-45 years. Beneficiary Should be permanent resident of Jammu and Kashmir State. ·
  3. Women Should have relevant educational qualification (in case of technical trade) supported by fresh attested copy of certificate. ·
  4. Women Should not be a defaulter with other financial institutions supported by affidavit.




Funding Pattern: - Maximum Loan Limit Rs.5.00 lakhs

Central Share State Share Beneficiary Share Upto Rs.0.50 lakhs 100% Nil Nil Above Rs.0.50 lakhs to 95% 05% Nil Rs.1.00 lakhs Above Rs.1.00 lakh to 90% 05% 05% Rs.5.00 lakhs Rate of interest = 4, 5 & 6% Repayment = 24 easy quarterly instalments in 6 years including the moratorium period of six months on the recovery of principal)

How To Apply

Contact at the office of the Development Officer concerned.

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Social Welfare Department

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