Bhagyalaxmi scheme for girls of below poverty line(BPL), Karnataka

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Karnataka


The prime goal of this scheme aims to promote the birth of girl children in below poverty line(BPL) families and to raise the status of the girl child in the family in particular and society in general. Financial assistance is provided to the girl child through her mother/father or natural guardian subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions.


The objective of this scheme is summarised as below:

  • To promote the birth of girl children among families identified as below poverty line.
  • To increase the status of girl child thereby raising the status of the society.
  • To Promote the birth of girl child in economically weaker families and to raise their status within the family and society.
  • To provide Financial assistance to the girl child through her mother/father/natural guardian subject to the fulfillment of certain conditions


The following criteria should be fulfilled to avail the benefits under this scheme:

  1. All girl children born to below poverty line (BPL) families after 31 March 2006 are eligible to take benefits under this scheme.
  2. The birth Enrolment should be done up to one year of the birth of the child on the submission of the birth certificate.
  3. This scheme is for only two girl children of the BPL family.
  4. The girl should not be a child labour.
  5. Immunization should have been done as per the health department programme.In order to be eligible for the maturity amount, it is compulsory that the beneficiary completes 8th standard and she should not have been married off before she reaches the age of 18.


Mother/Father/Natural guardian


The benefits under this scheme are summarised as below:

The child gets health insurance cover up to a maximum of Rs. 25,000 a year.

The annual scholarship of Rs. 300 to Rs. 1,000 up to tenth standard is given to girl

Apart from these benefits, the parents have get Rs. 1 lakh in case of accident and Rs. 42,500 for natural death of the beneficiary. At the end of 18 years, the beneficiary would be paid Rs.34, 751.

Certain interim payments such as annual scholarships and insurance benefits have made available to the beneficiary on continued fulfillment of the eligibility criteria.

The annual scholarship is as below:

Annual scholarship
Class/Standard Amount of Annual Scholarship
1st– 3rd Rs.300/- per annum for each class
4th Rs. 500/-
5th Rs. 600/-
6th-7th Rs. 700/-
8th Rs. 800/-
9th-10th Rs. 1000/-

How To Apply

Contact to any of the following to avail the benefits under this scheme:

  • Deputy Director of Women and Child Development of the respective Districts Or
  • Child Development Project Officer (CDPO)

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Women & Child Development Department,Karnataka

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