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The objective behind the scheme is to establish book banks in each Medical (Ayurvedic / Homeopathy inclusive), engineering, Agriculture, Veterinary, Polytechnics, Law courses. Chartered Accountancy MBA and Biosciences in SC students who comfort afford to buy such expensive textbooks due to which there may be dropouts and failures among them. Therefore, the scheme aims at upliftment of the SC students and prevents failures amongst them.


SC students



Course-wise pattern of Assistance:

Degree course: Cost of one set (in Rupees) (1 set for 2 students)

  1. Medical :Rs. 7,500.00
  2. Engineering :Rs. 7,500.00
  3. Veternary :Rs. 5,000.00
  4. Agriculture :Rs. 4,500.00
  5. Polytechnics :Rs. 2,400.00

Post-graduate course: Cost of one set (in Rupees) (1 set for 2 students)

  1. Post - graduate courses in Medical, Engineering, Agriculture and veterinary courses and other technical courses are approved by the universities (Institutes of higher learning: Rs. 5,000.00 1 set per student
  2. Law courses L.L.B. (3yrs & 5 yrs) L.L.M. (2 yrs): Rs.5,000.00 1 set per student
  3. Chartered Accountancy -inter-mediate & final) :Rs. 5,000.00 1 set per student
  4. M.B.A. (2yrs) & similar courses : Rs. 5,000.00 1 set per student
  5. Bio-sciences :Rs. 5,000.00 1 set per student

While selecting students for " Book bank " scheme, it is seen by the implementing authorities that 30% of the beneficiaries are girl students at least 30% are disabled SC students.

Apart from this Rs. 2,000.00 is sanctioned for the purchase of one almirah to keep the books and transport charges of Rs. 100/- or actual cost, however, is less is also sanctioned at the time of establishing book banks.

The following rules shall govern the distribution of books to the students:

  1. Each SC student will be provided with an identity card for this purpose.
  2. Each SC student will be required to submit his requisition for borrowing books from the book bank in the form to be provided for this purpose.
  3. Books will be strictly distributed among the SC students keeping in view the norm that one set is meant for 2 students for the entire course.
  4. The books should be returned to the Book Bank at the end of each term.
  5. Any case of loss or damage to the book, the student will have to bear the cost of the book.

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Contact to District Social Welfare Officer

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Department of Social Welfare, Karnataka

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