Cash prize for rank holders for SC students, Karnataka

Ministry Of Education, Karnataka


Cash Prize is awarded to those SC students who secure within I to X ranks in Degree examinations & those who secure first three ranks in P.G.studies .


To encourage SC students who are rank holders 1st to 10th in Degree examinations and also in post-graduation.


The following criteria should be fulfilled to avail the benefits:

  1. Student should belong to SC /ST community.
  2. Student should secure within the first 10 ranks in Degree examinations.
  3. Student should secure a rank within 3 ranks in post-graduation.



Rank holders of public examinations are sanctioned Rs. 5,000.00 as the cash prize. This prize is given to congratulate the rank holders for merit, good work & also to encourage them to take up further higher studies, and to inculcate similar interest in other SC / ST students.

How To Apply

To avail the benefits under this scheme, Contact to any of the followings:

  1. Contact to The Taluk Social Welfare officer at Taluk level Or
  2. Contact to District Social Welfare office at District level. Or

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Department of Social Welfare, Karnataka

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