Financial assistance to sc, M.Phil and Ph.d. students in karnataka

Ministry of Education, Karnataka


This scheme was introduced during 1997-98 to encourage and assist scheduled casts(s.c.) students who are studying/doing research in different Universities for their M.Phil and Ph.D. courses.


To encourage and assist S.C. students.


To avail this scholarship, the conditions laid down are as follows:

  1. Financial assistance will be given in two installments for Ph.D. students. Rs. 5000/- will be paid after registration and again Rs. 5000/- is paid after the completion of the course. For M.Phil students after the completion of the course Rs. 8000/- is sanctioned.
  2. The Head of institution / Guide of the research work has to state that the work of the concerned student is satisfactory.
  3. Those students who join Ph.D. directly become eligible for the sanction of money only after they pass the Pre-Ph.D examination and those who come after completing M.Phil become eligible in the third year.
  4. The students who want to obtain financial assistance through the Department of Social Welfare should not be the recipient of either UGC / CSIR/ ICMR or any other Research scholarship.



The students doing their M.Phil courses are entitled to get a financial assistance of Rs. 8,000.00 towards the end of their course at the time of submitting their thesis, as this is a one-year course. Ph.D. students are sanctioned, Rs. 10,000.00 towards the end of their research work. Those students who continue Ph.D. directly after M.Phil are eligible for financial assistance in third year itself.

How To Apply

Contact to any of the followings:

  1. Contact to The Taluk Social Welfare officer at Taluk level Or
  2. Contact to District Social Welfare officer of concerned Districts Or
  3. Contact to Director of Social Welfare, Bangalore.

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Department of Social Welfare, Karnataka

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