Grant-in-aid to pre-matric hostels, Financial Assistance Karnataka

Ministry of Education, Karnataka


The students to these hostels are selected on the basis as the same pattern as that of the Government hostels by the Taluk selection Committee. The voluntary organizations which are running SC/ ST Hostels can be sanctioned Grant-in-aid by the Government of Karnataka only if they follow the Rules for recognition and payment of Grant-in-Aid to SC / ST Pre-Matric Hostels .

The Rules are given below:-

  • The management of the Hostel should be a recognized body.
  • The management should have obtained prior permission from the Government to start the hostel.
  • The management should have successfully run the hostel for a period of at least 2 years out of its own funds
  • The boarding & lodging facilities must be provided free of cost to all students & no fee or donation is collected from the student.
  • The Hostel building should have a good sanitation and proximity to schools/colleges and must have all basic amenities.
  • Accommodation in the hostel for lodging should not be less than 30 square feet per boarder, in addition to the kitchen, dining hall, etc.
  • Provision for minimum medical facilities and first aid kit is provided as per the Government specifications.
  • Provision for indoor and outdoor games is made as specified by the Government.
  • Adequate staff is appointed to run the hostel.
  • 75% of the seats shall be reserved for the students belonging to SC/ ST and the remaining 25% of the seats are to be filled with other backward classes.
  • Sufficient & wholesome food is provided to the boarders as per the Menu chart specified by the Director of Social Welfare.
  • The hostel should be situated outside the radius of 5 K.m from a place where a Government or aided hostel is situated.
  • The minimum strength of the boarders must be 25.


To provide free hostel and other facilities to students.


Selection of students for Grant-in-aid hostels is also done by the same Taluk level committee as mentioned before.



The benefits under this scheme are summarised as below:

  • The Government through Social Welfare Department sanctions Rs. 350.00 per month per student for 10 months.
  • The staffs of Grant-in-aid are paid the honorary salary of Rs. 125 per month for the Superintendent, Rs. 100/- month for the cook and Rs. 75/- per month for kitchen servant for 12 months.
  • In addition to this, Grant-in-aid hostels which are running in rented buildings are also granted a monthly rent; which ranges between Rs. 100/- p.m to Rs. 200/- p.m.

How To Apply

Approach to The Taluk Social Welfare officer /District Social Welfare officer. The Chief Executive officer of the Zilla Panchayat can also be approached.

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