Incentive scholarships to high school going girls Karnataka

Ministry of Education, Karnataka


In order to reduce the dropout rate among high school going girl students, and to encourage them to study further, an Incentive Scholarship of Rs. 500/-was sanctioned for high school going girl students, in addition to the Pre-Matric scholarship of Rs. 100/- per annum.


To minimize the dropout rate among SC students at their high school educational level.


All high school going girls except those residing in Government / aided hostels are eligible for the scholarship. There is no income limit for these scholarships. Candidates repeatedly failing the students will lose their eligibility for the scholarship



The girl students going to high school receive Rs. 500/- per annum as an incentive in addition to Rs. 100/- per annum, which is Pre-Matric scholarship. Therefore, only high school girls are eligible to receive Rs. 600/- per annum totally as scholarship

How To Apply

Contact to any of the followings:

  1. Contact to Taluk Social Welfare Officers Or
  2. Contact to the School head master Or
  3. Contact to head misters to District Social Welfare office at District level Or

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Department of Social Welfare, Karnataka

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