Post-matric hostels (college hostels) Scholarship, Karnataka

Ministry of Education, Karnataka


The post matric Scholarship have tow major components-

  • The government of India scholarship (G.O.I. scholarship)- boarding of inmates.
  • E.B.L charges- extra boarding & lodging charges. -There is a separate head of account for aspects such as rent, water, and electricity bills.

These college hostels are managed by Principals of concerned Colleges/ District Social Welfare officers / Taluk Social Welfare officers etc.


To provide free hostel and other facilities to students.


Students are selected as per the seats available at the hostels, preference is given to the college students coming from rural areas and admission to the students coming from within the radius of 8 K.m are discouraged. The students are selected by District level and Taluk level.




The benefits under this scheme are summarised as below:

  1. Lodging facilities are provided either in Government or rented building. They are provided with food at the rate of Rs. 500 per month per boarder-which includes Government of India scholarship and EBL charges.
  2. Library facility is also established in each college hostel. In these hostels, food charges are met out of Government of India scholarships and EBL charges subject to a maximum of Rs. 400 per month per boarder.

How To Apply

To avail the benefits under this scheme Contact to any of the followings:

  1. Approach to The District Social Welfare Officers at the District levels Or
  2. Contact to Taluk Social Welfare Officers at the Taluk Levels. Or
  3. Contact to The Taluk Social Welfare officer at Taluk level Or
  4. Contact to District Social Welfare office at District level. Or
  5. Contact to The Chief Executive officer of the Zilla Panchayat can also be approached.Or

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