Educational Assistance to Children of Women Headed Families, financial Assistance, Kerala

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Kerala


The number of women-headed families in Kerala is very high.This scheme is for those families who are living in very bad conditions. The scheme proposes to extend a helping hand to these families by way of providing financial assistance to the education of children. A one-time assistance is given to such families.


To help the children of women headed families.


The following criteria should be fulfilled:

  1. The families belonging to below poverty line (BPL) also (HIV/AIDS affected persons, socially discriminated persons, war widows etc. are eligible irrespective of their BPL status)
  2. Only two children of a family are eligible
  3. The child who avail any other scholarship is not eligible for the assistance. A certificate to this has to be obtained from the head of the educational institution where the child studies


Children of Women Headed Families


The financial assistance of Rs. 250/- from SSLC to Plus two and Rs. 500/- for Degree and above education is given.

How To Apply

Contact to any of the following:

  1. At Village Level:- Anganwadi Workers Or
  2. At Block Level:Child Development Project Officer (CDPO) Or
  3. At the District level:Child Development Project Officer (CDPO)

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Social welfare department, Kerala

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