Flagship Programme for Gender Awareness training, Kerala

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Kerala


This scheme is implemented with the help of various campaigns that are working for Gender awareness. This scheme aims to make general awareness on the rising threat of domestic violence, sexual harassment, dowry demands. In order to solve such social issues, an initiative has been taken by a campaign for creating awareness among young girls and women to use the various provisions of law to defend themselves. This scheme attempts to find remedial measures against such issues. Accordingly, this program aims to overcome gender discrimination through several measures.


To overcome gender discrimination through several measures.

To make general awareness about domestic violence, sexual harassment, dowry demands.


All women who need help




Grass root level awareness programs, media campaign, intensive training to all stakeholders, providing legal aid and strengthening counseling to the victims of domestic violence, implementation of state women’s policy, publicity center cum helps desks in all KSRTC bus stations and railway stations in district headquarters.

How To Apply

Contact to any of the following to avail the services under this scheme:

  1. Contact to the social welfare department Or
  2. Contact to kerala women's commission Or
  3. Contact to women cells and kudumbashree Or
  4. Contact to protection officers at District level.

Sponsored By

Both: Central & State Government


Social welfare department, Kerala

Date of Launch


Valid Upto




Women and Child

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