Kerala Chief Minister - Oommen Chandy

Oommen Chandy is the Current Chief Minister of Kerala from 2011

Oommen Chandy was born on 31 October, 1943.


bachelor's degree in law (LLB) from Government Law College, Ernakulam.

Political career

He is the leader of Indian National Congress party

United Democratic Front (UDF) is the coalition of parties led by the Indian National Congress formed the Government under the leadership of Oommen Chandy on 18 May 2011.

Portfolios or Ministries

  • Chief Minister of Kerala
  • General Administration
  • All India Services
  • Science, Technology and Environment
  • Scientific Institutes
  • Personnel and Administrative Reforms
  • Elections
  • Integration
  • Sainik Welfare
  • Distress Relief
  • State Hospitality
  • Inter State River Waters
  • Administration of Civil and Criminal Justice

Personal life

Oommen Chandy is married to Mariamma Oommen He has one son and two daughters

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