Nutrition Supplement to HIV affected Women and Children nutrition supplements

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Kerala


This scheme has been initiated for HIV affected Women and Children. In order to control HIV, It provides good nutrition supplements to women and children living with HIV. A majority of people living with HIV/AIDS are from economically backward families and their nutrition status is poor. Those infected with HIV have a low immune status, which makes them extremely vulnerable to other infections. Loss of appetite also often results in a severe loss of weight, contributing to their danger of contracting diseases.

This program drawn up by the Social Justice Department provides nutrition support to such women and children. Initially 2,800 women and children, who are registered in Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART) clinics and Link ART clinics run by the Kerala State AIDS Control Society (KSACS) are being provided nutritional supplements. This scheme is implemented with the help of World Health Organisation (WHO). This program focuses on women and children suffering HIV-positive persons in the State


To help HIV affected Women and Children





How To Apply

Contact to any of the following to avail the benefits under this scheme:

  • Contact the Superintendent of nearby welfare institutions of Social Justice Department, Kerala
  • Deputy Director of Women and Child Development of the respective Districts Or
  • Child Development Project Officer (CDPO)

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Social Justice Department, Kerala

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