Current Lok Sabha Members of Trinamool Congress (TMC)

Last Updated on 8 August 2016

Total 34 members were elected to the 16th Lok Sabha on the ticket of Trinamool Congress party. Indian general election of 2014 was held to constitute the 16th Lok Sabha, which was taken place in nine phases from May 7, 2014, to 12 May 2014. The results were declared on 16 May 2014. Trinamool Congress won 34 Lok sabha parliamentary seats in the election.

Currently TMC is having 33 members in Lok Sabha. All the elected Lok Sabha members i.e. MPs of Trinamool Congress are from West Bengal.  See Lok Sabha Members from West Bengal.

 Lok Sabha members(MPs) of Trinamool Congress is listed below. The list contains member name and their state, constituency.

Trinamool Congress Lok Sabha members
SI.No. Member Name State Constituency
1Abhishek BanerjeeDiamond HarbourWest Bengal
2Adhikari Deepak (Dev)GhatalWest Bengal
3Anupam HazraBolpurWest Bengal
4Aparupa Poddar (Afrin Ali)ArambaghWest Bengal
5Arpita GhoshBalurghatWest Bengal
6Bijoy Chandra BarmanJalpaiguriWest Bengal
7Choudhury Mohan JatuaMathurapurWest Bengal
8Dasrath TirkeyAlipurduarsWest Bengal
9Dinesh TrivediBarrackpurWest Bengal
10Idris AliBasirhatWest Bengal
11Kakoli Ghosh DastidarBarasatWest Bengal
12Kalyan BanerjeeSeramporeWest Bengal
13Kapil Krishna Thakur(Died on Monday, 13 October 2014)BongaonWest Bengal
13Mamata Thakur(elected on Monday, 16 February 2015)BongaonWest Bengal
14Mamtaz SanghamitaBardhaman-DurgapurWest Bengal
15Mriganka MahatoPuruliaWest Bengal
16Prasun BanerjeeHowrahWest Bengal
17Pratima MondalJaynagarWest Bengal
18Ratna DeHooghlyWest Bengal
19Renuka SinhaCooch BeharWest Bengal
20Sandhya RoyMedinipurWest Bengal
21Satabdi RoyBirbhumWest Bengal
22Saugata RoyDum DumWest Bengal
23Saumitra KhanBishnupurWest Bengal
24Sisir Kumar AdhikariKanthiWest Bengal
25Sreemati Dev Varma (Moon Moon Sen)BankuraWest Bengal
26Subrata BakshiKolkata DakshinWest Bengal
27Sudip BandyopadhyayKolkata UttarWest Bengal
28Sugata BoseJadavpurWest Bengal
29Sultan AhmedUluberiaWest Bengal
30Sunil Kumar MondalBardhaman PurbaWest Bengal
31Tapas MandalRanaghatWest Bengal
32Tapas PaulKrishnanagarWest Bengal
33Uma SarenJhargramWest Bengal

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