Ek Loti Beti Ko Shikha Vikas Chatravarti for girls scholarship

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Madhya Pradesh


Under this scheme, the scholarship is given to girl child to pursuing higher studies after they have completed 10th Standard. This scheme is for especially for those parents who having the girl child is the only child.


The main goal of this scheme is to educate the female students by giving scholarship as an encouragement to them.


The following conditions should be fulfilled to avail the benefits under this scheme:

  1. Female students who have enrolled in standard 11th and 12th under the Madhya Pradesh Secondary Board of Education is eligible.
  2. They should be the only child of their parents.
  3. The girl student should score above 60% in standard 10th under MP Secondary Education Board is eligible for the cash incentive.
  4. This scholarship with being given to recognized government aided schools where the monthly education fee is less than Rs. 1500/-
  5. The Parents having the girl child is the only child. Such parents are only eligible under this scheme.


Girl students enrolled in standard 11th and 12th under Madhya Pradesh Secondary Board of Education.


A scholarship of an amount Rs 5000/- is given to female students studying in standard 11th and 12th annually.

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