Nishulk Pathay Pustak Yojana (Subject Book Scheme)free textbooks of Hindi, Urdu and English

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Madhya Pradesh


Under this scheme, free textbooks of Hindi, Urdu and English Medium of high school level and Secondary School are provided to the students. This scheme has been initiated with the aim to educate the boys and girls and improve the enrollment ratio in High school and Secondary School.


The prime goal of this scheme is to provide free textbooks related to subjects that are taught in schools to students of high school level. The key the objective is to encourage the students to go to school and study. Also to reduce the school drop-out rate of the school.


The following conditions should be fulfilled to avail the benefits under this scheme:

  • All the boys and girls studying between standard 9th to 12th in government high schools and senior secondary schools belong to all categories are eligible.


Girls and boys from standard 9th to 12th studying in Government High Schools and Senior Secondary School belonging to all categories are provided free books.


the benefits provided under this scheme are summarized as below:

  1. The 48 books under Hindi Medium, 34 books under English medium and 8 books of Urdu medium are provided related to all the subject/lessons are provided by the School Book Commission (Pathway Pustak Nigam)
  2. 11th and 12th standard subject books (Art, Agricultural Industry, Home Science etc.) which are not provided by the School Book Commission and not given to the boy and girl students. They have to instead purchase these books on their own.
  3. Depending upon the necessity of the boy and girl students the subject books are purchased and made available to them.
  4. The exercise of making subject related books available to high school and high secondary school-going girls and boys are under discussion.

How To Apply

Contact to Pattaya Pustak Nigam or School Book Commission under the Department of Higher Education, Government of Madhya Pradesh.

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Department of Higher Education, Government of Madhya Pradesh.

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