Marketing Assistance and Technology Upgradation Funding support, Re-imbursement


Ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises


This is a GoI initiative for adoption of modern marketing techniques by MSMEs, consistent with the requirement of global markets. The scheme is divided into eight sub-components and GoI assistance are available in various proportions.

Sponsored By

Central Government of India


To encourage MSMEs to adopt marketing techniques consistent with global market requirements


Any competent agency as mentioned in the EoI guidelines, MSMEs, industry associations, NGOs



  • Funding support for conducting awareness on new packaging technologies (applicant as mentioned in EoI)
  • Cluster based studies on packaging status and need for upgradation (gap analysis) (applicant as mentioned in EoI)
  • Unit based intervention for packaging requirement (pilot) (applicant as mentioned in EoI)
  • Funding support for conducting skill upgradation / development programmes for modern marketing techniques (applicant as mentioned in EoI)
  • Funding support for conducting trade competition studies (applicant as mentioned in EoI)
  • Funding support to MSMEs belonging to North-Eastern Region for participation in marketing events (for North –East Region MSMEs)
  • Funding for participation of MSMEs in State/District level local exhibitions/trade fairs support (reimbursement) (Registered MSMEs)
  • Funding support (in the form of re-imbursement) to MSMEs for adopting corporate governance practices (Registered MSMEs)
  • Funding support for setting up of marketing hubs
  • Re-imbursement to ISO 18000/ISO 22000/ISO 27000 certification for MSMEs
  • GoI assistance of Rs.0.50 lakh per programme (GoI:unit :: 80:20) - per awareness programme
  • GoI assistance of Rs.10 lakh (GoI:unit :: 80:20) - for cluster based study on packaging.
  • GoI assistance of Rs.9 lakh (GoI:unit :: 80:20) for a group of 10 units towards unit based interventions for packaging requirements in clusters
  • GoI assistance of Rs.6 lakh (GoI: unit :: 80:20) per cluster for skill upgradation programmes
  • GoI assistance of Rs.8 lakh (GoI:unit :: 80:20) per trade competition study
  • Re-imbursement up to Rs.75,000 per unit (North–East) for space charge, to and fro and transport charges
  • The total r-eimbursement up to Rs.30,000 per unit for SC/ST/woman/physically handicapped entrepreneurs, and Rs.20,000 per person for other MSME units for participation in state and district level trade fairs
  • Re-imbursement up to 50% of total expenditure subject to maximum of Rs.45,000 per MSME for adopting corporate government practices
  • Funding support of Rs.30 lakh (GoI) for marketing hubs, plus Rs.5 lakh (GoI) for furniture, IT, etc., and recurring expenses of Rs.15 lakh (80% GoI, 20% private units) for 2 years
  • One time re-imbursement of expenditure to the extent of 75% subject to a maximum of Rs.1 lakh in each case for acquiring ISO certification

How To Apply

A Udyami Helpline: Dial 1800-180-6763 [Toll Free Number] for queries relating to this Schemes.

For participation of MSMEs in state/district level trade fairs:

  1. SSC supported by the office of DC (MSME) will identify and approve the manufacturing MSME clusters/units for participating in state/district level local/exhibitions/trade fairs on the basis of responses received through MSME-DIs, industry associations, and NGOs
  2. Office of the DC-MSME will identify the MSME units for participating in this activity on the basis of the request received through the MSME-DIs, Industry Associations and NGOs
  3. To the local MSME-DI office
  4. To the Regional MSME-DI




Micro, small and Medium enterprises

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