National Overseas Scholarships for Scheduled Tribes (STs) financial assistance


This scheme is initiated by Central Government of India under the Ministry Of Tribal Affairs. This scheme has been introduced in order to provide financial assistance to meritorious students for pursuing higher studies in foreign university in specified files of Master Level Courses, Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral research programmes, in the study field of Engineering, Technology and Science.


It aims to provide financial assistance to meritorious students for pursuing higher studies in foreign university in specified files of Master Level Courses, Ph.D. and Post-Doctoral research programmes, in the study field of Engineering, Technology and Science.


The student should fulfill the following conditions:

Minimum Qualifications:

For Post Doctoral :

55% marks or equivalent grade in relevantMaster’s Degree and Ph.D.Experience: 5 years - Research/Teaching/ Professional in theconcerned field is desirable. Candidates with experience would be givenpreference.

For Ph.D. :

55% marks or equivalent grade in relevant Master’sDegree.


2 years’ - Teaching/ Research/ Professional / M. PhilDegree in the concerned field is desirable. Candidates with experiencewould be given preference.

For Masters’ Degree :

55% marks or equivalent grade in relevantBachelor’s Degree.

Experience: 2 years’ work experience in the concerned field isdesirable. Candidates with experience would be given preference.


Below 35 years, as on the first day of July of the relevant year of the award.

Income Ceiling:

Total income from all sources of the employed candidate or his/her parents/guardians should not more than Rs. 6.00 lakh per annum (excluding such allowances as are not treated as part of total income for the purpose of income-tax ) as certified by the employer. A copy of latest tax assessment is also enclosed with application.

One child in a family and one-time award:

Not more than one child of the same parents/guardians will be eligible and to this effect, a self-certification will be required from the candidate. An individual can be given the award only once and cannot be considered for the award for a second or subsequent time.


Students belonging to Scheduled Tribes (STs) candidates.


The following are the benefits of this scheme:

  • Financial assistance is provided to 15 meritorious students (13 for ST and 2 for PTG) for pursuing higher studies abroad at the Masters level and Ph. D and Post-Doctoral research programmes in 35 specified disciplines of Engineering, Technology and Sciences.
  • To enhance the employment avenues for ST candidates
  • 100% Central Assistance is provided directly to the candidates

The prescribed financial assistance is provided to completion of the course/ research or the following period, whichever is earlier:-

  1. Post Doctoral Research - 1&1/2 years (One and a half year)
  2. Ph.D. - 4 years (four years)
  3. Masters Degree –3 years ( three years)

The extension of stay beyond prescribed period for levels of courses as mentioned above, may be considered without financial assistance of any kind except the air passage to return to India, on the recommendation of the competent authority in the educational institution/ university as well as the Indian Mission abroad.

The selected candidates are given cost of tuition and other educational fees charged by the foreign university etc., maintenance and other grants along with travel expenses.

Only Passage Grants are available to four ST candidates every year who are in receipt of merit scholarship for Postgraduate studies, Research or Training abroad (excluding attending Seminars, Workshops, Conferences) from a Foreign Government/ Organization or under any other schemes where cost of passage is not provided

The scholarship holder are permitted to supplement their prescribed allowances by undertaking Research/Teaching Assistantship up to prescribed ceilings. Where income earned is beyond the ceiling, the maintenance allowance under the scheme shall be correspondingly reduced by the Indian Missions abroad.

Annual Maintenance Allowance:

A annual maintenance allowance in the US will be US Dollars 15,400 ($ Fifteen thousand four hundred only) for all level of courses covered under the Scheme. The annual maintenance allowance for candidates in the United Kingdom will be Pound sterling 9,900 (£ Nine thousand nine hundred only) for all levels of courses covered under the scheme.

Annual Contingency Allowance:

A annual Contingency allowance for books/essential apparatus/study tour/typing and binding of thesis etc. will be US Dollars 1512 ($ One thousand five hundred twelve only) for the candidates in the US and for candidates in the United Kingdom, it will be Pounds sterling 1100 (£ One thousand one hundred only)

Poll Tax:

Poll Tax shall be paid, wherever applicable.

Visa Fees:

Actual visa fees in Indian Rupees will be paid.

Equipment Allowance:

Equipment Allowance will be allowed @ Rs.1320/- per annum

Incidental Journey Expenses:

The incidental journey expenses up to US Dollars 18.70 or its equivalent in IndianRupees are permissible.


The tuition fees as per actual will be admissible.

Medical Insurance Premium:

Actual as charged will be admissible.

Cost of Air Passage:

Air passage grant on actual basis from Government of India to the nearest place to the educational institution and back to India, by economy class and shortest route arrangements with the national carrier shall be provided.

Local Travel:

Second or Coach class railway fare from the port of disembarkation to the place of study and back and in the case of far-flung places not connected by rail, bus fare(s) from the place of residence to the nearest railway station, actual charge of crossing by ferry, airfare to the nearest rail-cum-air Station and/or II class railway fare by the shortest route to the port of embarkation and back will be permissible.

All the awardees already undergoing studies abroad would also be eligible to receive the revised rates as approved in the scheme and its modified form with prospective effect.

The mode of disbursement of above listed financial assistance will be decided byGovernment of India and Indian Missions abroad.

How To Apply

To avail the benefits of this scheme, Conatct to any of the following:

  1. Contact to all the identified Universities/IITs/ Medical Colleges etc. Or
  2. Need to be aware of The scheme will be advertised in the leading newspapers, Employment News and Web-site of the Ministry along with summarized information about it every year in the month of August. Respond to such advertisements.

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Central Government of India


Ministry Of Tribal Affairs

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