Women Empowerment Programme, Mission Shakti, Odisha Technical support, market and credit linkages

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Odisha


The empowerment of women is the key point for the development of State. This prime goal of this scheme is to empower women economically and socially. This scheme enables such women to have independent employment and income has been accorded the highest priority. It has also been recognized that women will be better-placed to overcome the negative social pressures and gender biases operating against them and to set free themselves through group identity and activity. In order to promote Women's Self-Help Groups (WSHGs), women's empowerment and women's development can be achieved.


The objective of this scheme are summarized as below:

  • To form and promote of Self Help Groups
  • To Strengthen and capacity building of the already existing groups
  • To Provide them the necessary technical support, market linkages, and credit linkages, where necessary
  • To support the economic activities of the Women Groups, a scheme for providing financial to weak WSH


Women Self-help groups


Women Self-help groups, Women


How To Apply

Contact to Mahila Vikas Samabaya Nigam, the Women Development Corporation of the State.

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Women and Child Development Department,Odisha

Contact to any of the following to avail the benefits under this scheme:

  • Deputy Director of Women and Child Development of the respective Districts Or
  • Women Development Project Officer (CDPO)

Date of Launch


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