Bebe Nanki Laadli Beti Kalyan Scheme for girls Scholarship, Punjab

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Punjab


This scheme is for those girls who born after 1st January 2011 and those whose annual family income is is less than Rs. 30,000/-. This scheme provides financial assistance to the beneficiaries. Government of Punjab deposits an amount and paid to beneficiary at the various stages of school level.


The objective is to:

  1. To improve sex ratio.
  2. To prevent the female foeticide and to provide better education to girls.
  3. To provide financial assistance to the families from time to time, so that they are not burdened with the birth of a girl child.


The following conditions should be fulfilled:

  1. Girls who born after 1st January, 2011.
  2. Girls whose parents are permanent resident of Punjab.
  3. Girls residing in an orphanage and children homes within the State of Punjab are eligible under this scheme
  4. This benefit will not be given to newly born boys.


The Girl Child


The benefits of this scheme are summarized as below:

The Families whose annual income is less than Rs. 30,000/- and are covered under the Atta Dal Scheme will be benefitted and the proof of income will be the blue card issued by the Food and Supply Department, Punjab.

Government of Punjab deposits an amount of Rs. 20,000/- with L.I.C. per girl/ beneficiary and detail of benefit provided by the LIC to beneficiaries is as under:-

  1. On birth of newly born girl child 0 years - Rs. 2100/-
  2. On attaining the age of 3 years (after full immunization) 03 years - Rs. 2100/-
  3. On admission to Class -1st 06 years - Rs. 2100/-
  4. On admission to Class –9th 14 years - Rs. 2100/-
  5. On attaining age of 18 years & passed Class- 12th 18 years, Rs.31000/-
  6. Scholarship payable: 1. From class-1st to 6th standard 100/- per month - Rs.7200/-
  7. Scholarship payable: 2. From class-7th to 12th standard 200/- per month - Rs.14400/-

Total benefit at the age of 18 years is Rs. 61000/-

If the girl child drops from school due to any reason then no benefit will be given to the beneficiaries or the families after that day.

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Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Punjab.

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