Scheme for providing Education to Orphan Girls financial assistance

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Punjab


Under this scheme, the financial assistance is given to orphan girls, girls whose father has died or are 100% disabled and widows. This scheme gives complete course fee to the beneficiaries.


To provide assistance to girls for higher education, a separate account will be established under which girls in the first 500 ranks in competitive admission examination will be provided a course fee or Rs.1.00 lakhs (whichever is less).


The following categories will be provided benefit under this scheme:

  1. Orphan girls
  2. Girls whose father has died or are 100% disabled.
  3. The annual family income is less than Rs.50,000/-
  4. The widows whose age is not more than 30 years.

The above mentioned assistance is limited to the following competitive examinations:

  1. Admission for I.I.T. and JEE
  2. PMT – Med. (Punjab)
  3. All India CBSE –Medical
  4. AIEEE
  5. Admission in Law (CET-Punjab)
  6. I.I.M (CAT)


The Girl Child


A course fee of Rs 1 lakh is given beneficiary

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Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Punjab.

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