Shagun Scheme for girl child financial assistance, Punjab

Ministry Of Women and Child Development, Punjab


This scheme is initiated in order to improve education and health of the girl child and bring a positive change towards the birth of the girl child. The financial assistance is given at the time of marriage of Girl.


The objectives of this scheme are summarized as below:

  • To bring a positive change towards the birth of the girl child.
  • To discourage child marriages and encourage marriages at or after the legally prescribed minimum age for marriage.
  • To improve education and health of the girl child.
  • Alter the gender balance and encourage family planning.


The following conditions should be fulfilled to avail the benefits under this scheme:

  1. the girl children who born within BPL families.
  2. The girl should belong to Scheduled Caste/ Christian family. The scheme is restricted to SC families having an annual family income of Rs.20,000/- in rural area and Rs.27,000/- in urban area.
  3. The parents should adopt two child norm as introduced by the Punjab & Haryana High Court Bar Association for its employees.


The Girl Child


Bar Association employees will be given a Shagun of Rs.51000/- on the occasion of their the marriage of Scheduled Castes and Christian girls respectively.

How To Apply

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Department of Women and Child Development, Government of Punjab.

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